Would you like to know more about co-founder Joanne Cohen? Part 2

Joanne Cohen co-founder Bioenergy Treatmentcont….

Hi everyone, its me Joanne, here is the remaining part of the post about my case history. I hope it inspires you.

As I was saying in my last post at the time, I was travelling quite a lot with my career as an event co-ordinator, had also just moved in with my ‘husband to be’ and taken on (inherited) his 2 young daughters from his first marriage, who lived with us permanently. This was a shock to the system after living quite a ‘free spirit’ life during my teens and early 20s.

It was obvious I couldn’t continue the way I was and something had to change. I decided to give up my job and focus my energy on looking after my new family and getting myself back on track. I practiced yoga regularly and utilised breathing techniques to assist my recovery and I set myself baby challenges to overcome my fear of going out. With every completion of a small challenge, came a pat on the back for me, together with a small confidence boost.

I realised then, that what I was physically experiencing was directly affected by what was going on in my head. My panic attacks were steered by my mental state and I walked a very narrow fence – I was easily knocked off but I had coping mechanisms in place which allowed me to function to a degree. I recognised that if I had a point of focus that I could go back to (i.e. my breath or an affirmation) it would keep my mind focused and keep out that ‘negative voice’. I could be sitting on the train for example and I would be thinking ‘this is ok, I’m fine, I’m fine – then out would pop this negative voice from no-where saying ‘ no you’re not, you’re not fine’. As soon as I would be overpowered by listening to ‘no you’re not’ my body would react and literally go into panic. Palpitations, sweaty hands, shallow breathing, feeling the fear attached to loosing control and thinking I was going to vomit or pass out.

Although I could see that I was stimulating the effects of a panic attack with my mind, I couldn’t control the onset. This was definitely rooted within me on a deeper level and was only tackled when I came across Bioenergy Treatment a few years later after the birth of our son.

Michael, my husband had been developing RaphaYad Bio Energy Treatment and over the following 2 years I trained with him and started practising the primary techniques on close family and myself and as the children grew up and I gradually clawed back more time, I was able to get more involved in the clinic.

The treatment allowed me to release old memory patterns and re-connect energy pathways by way of triggering an enhanced self-healing process. This has had a profound effect on my coping mechanisms, my focus and clarity, my perception and my personal relationships.

It’s a very self-empowering process and I embrace the opportunity to work with others who are going through their own difficulties and stuck in the grasps of their symptoms. I feel very passionate about the fact that we all have the ability to perform well and move beyond past limitations on all levels.

To read more posts please subscribe to the blog or to understand more about my work visit http://www.bioenergytreatment.co.uk

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