Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 4

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentAs I said in the last post we take for granted modern technologies that allow us to communicate without any physical cables or the like.

Similarly, in a very real way your body’s energy system, interacts with other peoples, whether you want to or not, whether you like it or not. In fact you can ‘t turn it off.

Let me explain more…

The ‘Blotting Paper’ Theory

The ‘Blotting Paper’ Theory is a theoretical representation of the interactions of energies, that I developed some years ago. One aspect of which is the way you interact with other peoples energies around you.

For a moment, I need you to try and visualise your world represented by a piece of blotting paper. As you know blotting paper is porous and when you drop ink onto it, it spreads out from the centre. So imagine your energy is represented by red ink in an ink dropper over an area of the blotting paper. Just like the way your heart beats the blotter drops ink onto the blotting paper. For the time being we will say that it it drops red ink at an equal rate to other people around you. I will in fact talk in more detail about the varying rates at which the dropper drops ink in a separate post in due course.

So back to the blotting paper. Now other people around you may they be friends, relatives, colleagues or total strangers each have their ink droppers,  dropping their unique colour onto the same piece of blotting paper. Now depending how close they are to you as their ink spreads out it will interact with yours or at least other persons in the nearby vicinity.

I hope the picture is beginning to build. So here we have a piece of blotting paper representing your world and on it is your red ink. In the centre below the ink dropper it is solid red but as it spreads out it starts to interact with the colours of other peoples energy whom are in your environment. Therefore their colours start to merge with the outer edges of yours and your red ink starts to interact with their colours…to be continued.

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