Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 1

chronic fatigue

Tara* was 29 when she came for Bioenergy Treatment. In total she had 15 appointments in order to overcome her Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and M.E. symptoms. 


Most of Tara’s symptoms have been prevalent for 15 years. 6 years ago she was diagnosed with – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), tropical parasites, Coxsackie B Virus and mercury poisoning.

She has circulation problems (hands & feet), problem with knees, hip and shoulder pain (can’t sleep on side of body). Sugar sensitivity.

Can experience deep depression. 3/4 days good then 3/4 days of huge blocks of low energy. Cannot complete a full days work without having to go home to rest. Emotionally can be incredibly vulnerable. Positivity, focus and confidence can be anything from 2 out of 10 to 8 out of 10. She wakes in morning feeling pretty exhausted. Stress and anxiety can drift from 8 out of 10 (high) to 2 out of 10. Dislikes work – stuck and no motivation.

Feedback from selected Bioenergy Treatment sessions




Energy up and sustained when exercising (in past she would feel the affects and take a few days to recover).


Relationship ended, responded emotionally rather than depressed. Worked through it remarkably in 1 week.


For last 2 weeks she has been able to do full day work without tiring. Positivity, focus, clarity and confidence – now stable around 7-8 out of 10 (10=high). Tara’s music composition is more instinctual with freedom and flow (previously love / hate relationship). Overcoming fear, vulnerability of independence being sustainable is minimalised. Stress down to 4 out of 10 and anxiety down to 3 out of 10.


Doctor reported no sign of geopathic stress. Also viral fragments causing exhaustion now out of cells. Shoulder pain now virtually gone.


Gave in notice to work- feels ready to move forward and do some voluntary work overseas. Energy levels good – not tiring at lunchtime.


Pain in back before last session (post 80’s disco) went straight after last session. Collaborating well with other musicians. More passionate in new things – music & fitness. Less concerned with satisfying others.


Sugar sensitivity gone. Doesn’t experience the Chronic Fatigue and
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ( M.E.) symptoms. Ready to move forward and leaving to do voluntary work.

…to be continued in Part 2

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Disclaimer: All case notes have had the clients names replaced in order to protect their privacy. Should you wish any case history to be verified please contact the Bio Energy treatment administration office by clicking here.

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