Founder & Bioenergy Expert Michael Cohen Reveals All! Part 1

Michael CohenI was born in 1967 in NW London, where I live with my wife Joanne (co-founder), along with our 3 children, Lucie, Tatiana and Ross.

Like most of my clients I come from a background where hyper sensitivities effected me on an: emotional, psychological and physical level. They brought with them many disruptions, discomforts, physiological disorders and pains. These included sensitivity/intolerances to a wide range of foods, chemicals, environmental and electro pollution. Over 16 years these symptoms became decisively harsher.

From my late teens and for over 17 years I lived with debilitating hyper-sensitivity symptoms.  They affected my mind and my physical body in lots of painful, irritating and debilitating ways.   This meant I was unable to integrate into normal society and enjoy day to day living.  But that was the past. For years and years I struggled to find the solution, I was mis-diagnosed, belittled, called a hypochondriac and ignored.

My post isn’t meant to be a  ‘poor me’ epic instead I wish to inspire and share with you my experiences of how I overcame 17 years of hypersensitivity and debilitating symptoms that restricted my everyday life. However harsh life may have been during this period, I can categorically say that not only have I overcome my symptoms, but I have gained a quality of life that I could never ever have imagined. And what’s even more rewarding is that I have been able to dedicate my last 10 years (since 2002) help others move forward…to be continued

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