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Hi all…We are back!

Sorry posting has been a bit quiet for the last 2 weeks. We decided to take a summer’s break to refresh and recharge in the hot and tranquil Balearic Island of  Ibiza.  For those of you who don’t know about the other side of Ibiza it is the most tranquil island that you can imagine with amazing coves, white beaches and pine clad hills that touch the coastline.

For me it was my opportunity to get lost in the hills, climb the trees and meandure on the trails for kilometres without even coming across other people. Just the smell and sounds of the forests with the sun peaking through the canopy…just sublime. It was about me and the Cicadas (sound like crickets).

Anyway, we are back and will be getting back into the rhythm of posting.


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What the…

yourenergyisdoingmyheadin logo… hell is happening to my energy? Why is it that she drains me? Why do I get zapped when I am at work? Why does my computer affect me? And why does your energy do my head in? Energy, energy, energy…what does it all mean? What is its significance?

This thought provoking blog will answer your questions by putting forward a logical and theoretical prospective that will genuinely reveal more about yourself and your energy than you have already discovered so far.

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