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Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 2

chronic fatigue

Conclusion To Treatment

….When Tara first came for treatment she was depressed, weak and caught up in a loop and not knowing how she can pull herself out from it. She couldn’t even do a full-days work without going home halfway through, the Chronic Fatigue and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) symptoms were part of her daily life.  

By the time she had completed 15  Bioenergy Treatment sessions her system had found balance, clarity and energy. Continue reading

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Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 1

chronic fatigue

Tara* was 29 when she came for Bioenergy Treatment. In total she had 15 appointments in order to overcome her Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and M.E. symptoms. 


Most of Tara’s symptoms have been prevalent for 15 years. 6 years ago she was diagnosed with – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), tropical parasites, Coxsackie B Virus and mercury poisoning. Continue reading

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Would you like to know more about co-founder Joanne Cohen? Part 2

Joanne Cohen co-founder Bioenergy Treatmentcont….

Hi everyone, its me Joanne, here is the remaining part of the post about my case history. I hope it inspires you.

As I was saying in my last post at the time, I was travelling quite a lot with my career as an event co-ordinator, had also just moved in with my ‘husband to be’ and taken on (inherited) his 2 young daughters from his first marriage, who lived with us permanently. This was a shock to the system after living quite a ‘free spirit’ life during my teens and early 20s. Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 7

Breathing Technique

Now we move onto Therapeutic Breathing

For some of you this concept may sound a bit weird i.e. breathing into different parts of the body. It is all about a level of intent and when you target an area it is that area that you can increase the blood flow to which in turn brings with it revitalised oxygenated blood. Give it a go and let me know what you think. Continue reading

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Would you like to know more about co-founder Joanne Cohen? Part 1

Joanne Cohen co-founder Bioenergy Treatment

Hi everyone, it’s me Joanne Cohen, co-founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment.

I thought I would share with you a little bit about who I am and my case history. I am sure some of my case history will resonate with some of you. If so, I hope it gives you the confidence and encouragement, because if I can do it, so can you! Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 6

Breathing Technique

Are you ready to move onto level 4 Rectangular Breathing?

Now we really move up to what can be a very demanding level. Ultimately the level of difficulty is determined by you based on how long you wish the holds to be for.

So the key here is to be sensible and gradually build it up. but just remember do not compromise quality and technique. This has to be the fundamental aspect to your breathing exercises. Continue reading

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Overcoming Acute Anxiety & Depression – Part 3


Why was Bioenergy Treatment Effective

Brenda had already spent many a year doing the talk therapy, but had decided that she needed a new approach to her anxiety, that would ultimately enable her to move forward without revisiting the past. Brenda was recommended to try Bioenergy Treatment as it has the affect of releasing memory patterns without any cognitive therapy. Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 5

Breathing Technique

How have you found level 2 Triangle Breathing? Was it easy or was it hard?

Either way it is really important for you to work at the right level for you. If it was easy then maybe you are ready to move up to level 3 below. BUT before you do so I need you to do a personal assessment as to how good you think your technique is. The reason why I say this is that technique really counts. I believe in strong foundations when I teach. So no cutting corners and 100% honesty with yourself. Continue reading

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Overcoming Acute Anxiety & Depression – Part 2


Initially when Brenda started Bioenergy Treatment she came for weekly sessions.

Each week she experienced slight but positive shifts. What was to transpire was that each shift she made was at a pace that she was able to cope with, which meant that she wasn’t overly challenged and most importantly the shifts were sustained. It didn’t mean she didn’t have her ups and downs, but what was apparent as each week went by was that the good days outnumbered the bad ones. Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 4

Breathing TechniqueBreathing Exercises

Following on from our previous post we introduced to breathing techniques that we use at the Bioenergy Treatment Clinic as part of the 5 elements to RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment.

Breathing exercises are just as important as eating, drinking and sleeping. They need to be incorporated into your day. The easy thing about the following breathing exercises is that you do not have to take time out to do them. Continue reading

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