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Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 2

chronic fatigue

Conclusion To Treatment

….When Tara first came for treatment she was depressed, weak and caught up in a loop and not knowing how she can pull herself out from it. She couldn’t even do a full-days work without going home halfway through, the Chronic Fatigue and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) symptoms were part of her daily life.  

By the time she had completed 15  Bioenergy Treatment sessions her system had found balance, clarity and energy. Continue reading

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Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 5

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentIn my last post we talked about the ‘Blotting Paper’ Theory.

The significance of this was to help explain how we connect with each everyone around us. More specifically, in a clinic/treatment environment. As a practitioner, I know your precise frequency and the moment our energies interact on a treatment level it causes an effect. Continue reading

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Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 1

chronic fatigue

Tara* was 29 when she came for Bioenergy Treatment. In total she had 15 appointments in order to overcome her Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and M.E. symptoms. 


Most of Tara’s symptoms have been prevalent for 15 years. 6 years ago she was diagnosed with – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), tropical parasites, Coxsackie B Virus and mercury poisoning. Continue reading

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Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 4

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentAs I said in the last post we take for granted modern technologies that allow us to communicate without any physical cables or the like.

Similarly, in a very real way your body’s energy system, interacts with other peoples, whether you want to or not, whether you like it or not. In fact you can ‘t turn it off.

Let me explain more… Continue reading

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Would you like to know more about co-founder Joanne Cohen? Part 2

Joanne Cohen co-founder Bioenergy Treatmentcont….

Hi everyone, its me Joanne, here is the remaining part of the post about my case history. I hope it inspires you.

As I was saying in my last post at the time, I was travelling quite a lot with my career as an event co-ordinator, had also just moved in with my ‘husband to be’ and taken on (inherited) his 2 young daughters from his first marriage, who lived with us permanently. This was a shock to the system after living quite a ‘free spirit’ life during my teens and early 20s. Continue reading

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Case History – Child Depression and Dysgraphia Part 2

…continued. Here is part 2 we are inspired how William* overcome childhood depression. William was 11 years old when he started Bio Energy Treatment and undertook 16 sessions over 6 months.

Summary of Bio-Energy Treatment

Most of the treatment was to the cranium, with a particular emphasis to the right temporal. Due to the age of the client it was important to keep William occupied during treatment session by him bringing in things he was interested in so that we could develop a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We also incorporated some techniques of martial arts, which he took really well to. Continue reading

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Are you ready to learn how to treat yourself and those around you? Part 3


How many times do you leave it until it gets worse and only take action  when you have no choice but to do something about it?

Consider the amount of use, abuse, misuse and disuse that you put your body and mind through in your life to date. And what about the future, particularly as you get older. Would your car or computer still run effectively if you treated them the same way that you treat your body? Of course not! Continue reading

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Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 3

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentLet’s try and quantify Distance  Bioenergy Treatment

In part 2 we looked at mobile technology and how we can send messages between telephones and other devices. Not only can you send texts but emails, photos, video and music. There doesn’t seem to be any limits. All this data is invisibly sent from one device to another. What is also amazing is that when it arrives at the recipient with every piece of data arrives with totally clarity and order.

So how does it work? Continue reading

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Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 2

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentLet’s try and quantify Distance  Bioenergy Treatment

Following on from part 1 of this post we talked about trying to quantify Distance Bio-energy Treatment. I similarly mentioned mobile phones. So what has mobile phones got to do with distance treatment and how is it going to help us quantify it?

You see, you probably have a mobile phone like most other people. Now this mobile device has no cables or wires that link it to another device. Everything that you doing on it happens invisibly. For instance you can send a text message or photo, send an email or share information with bluetooth. Continue reading

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Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 1

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentI have to say even as a practitioner it does sound far fetched to think that someone can experience Distance Bioenergy Treatment when they are not in the room. I mean can it really be real?

The interesting thing about working with Distance treatment was that when I first started to do it I didn’t learn it from a teacher or textbook. What actually happened was a bit more organic. Simply I needed to treat someone whom wasn’t in the same room as me and had no other choice. I literally found myself pressing the blockage points as if that person was in front of me. So there I was pressing points in the air. Well if anyone was filming me they would think I was totally mad! Continue reading

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