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What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 3

what is your energySo what is the significance of cell-to-cell communication and you feeling like ‘treacle’? I suppose what I am saying is that if you consider your whole body as this network where every cell communicates with its neighbour, then all the frequencies from each of the cells when combined together produce an overall frequency. Thereby at that moment in time that frequency is what you describe as ‘treacle’. Continue reading

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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 5 ‘The Science’

Hypersensitivity - Can't stand it anymore! - Part 5 The ScienceIn part 4 we talked about the breakdown in communication using various analogies. To really understand the underlying cause of hypersensitivity, we really need to look at the body’s neurological system.

The human body has a very complex mass of sensory nerves, something in the order of 10 million.  Receptors around the body relay messages via our peripheral nervous system to our central nervous system being the spinal cord and brain. Simultaneously, the body has to manage, interpret and determine action to vast quantities of messages being relayed.  Just picture your body’s central nervous system managing 10 million Facebook customers. Continue reading

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What the…

yourenergyisdoingmyheadin logo… hell is happening to my energy? Why is it that she drains me? Why do I get zapped when I am at work? Why does my computer affect me? And why does your energy do my head in? Energy, energy, energy…what does it all mean? What is its significance?

This thought provoking blog will answer your questions by putting forward a logical and theoretical prospective that will genuinely reveal more about yourself and your energy than you have already discovered so far.

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