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The Scientific Basis: Energy, Earth and The Human Body – Part 2

The Human Body’s Electrical Circuitry System

Looking at cellular biology, scientific research has revealed that the human body has a connective circuitry system that enables the body to communicate and function on all levels. However the full complexity of the circuitry system is still only partially understood. Some of the fundamental discoveries that help us to understand the body’s electrical circuitry are demonstrated through the works of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, James Oschman and Robert O Becker. Continue reading

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What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 2

Let us start with a common thought about your energy, say “My energy feels really low today”. My immediate question to you is “What do you mean by low?” You may say “drab, heavy, slow, mushy, treacle like” amongst others. So lets agree upon ‘treacle’. What is ‘treacle’ and how do you go about describing it. Well, that is down to your perception, which is based on the heavy sticky feeling of treacle syrup on one level and on another the memory patterns from past experiences of feeling something similar, but that is something that I will come back to later on. Continue reading

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My energy never stands still! – Part 1

As I said in Part 3 of  ‘What is your energy’ I am going to move onto the subject of what causes the’ change in note’ or to be more precise ‘what changes your frequency’. As we discovered from the previous post the human body’s individual cell frequencies when combined together gives you a whole body frequency.  So out of the ‘treacle‘ we shall endeavour to find some clarity. Here we go! Continue reading

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