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The Scientific Basis: Man-Made Products and Energies – Part 2

bioelectromagnetic energy fields

The collective affects on the Human Body

Today, we swim in a sea of man-made energies as well as a concoction of man-made products and pollution that our body has to: ingest, breathe and absorb. Our exposure and susceptibility to them is worsened as most are invisible and have no smells.

Their effect on the human body can be quantified with the heightened levels of hyper sensitivity to man-made technologies with the unprecedented high level of: illness, disease and susceptibility to injury. Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis: Man-Made Products and Energies – Part 1

bioelectromagnetic energy fields

Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields

Our use of energy for power and communications has radically changed the total electromagnetic field of the Earth. Because most people cannot directly perceive this with any of their senses, most of us are unaware that it has occurred.

Before 1900, the Earth’s electromagnetic field was composed simply of the fields and its associated micro pulsations, visible light, and random discharges of lightening. Today, we swim in a sea of energy that is almost totally man-made. Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis: The Body Electric – Part 3

Human Body energy field…continued

Injury Repair

The perineural system is a direct current communication system that establishes a ‘current of injury’ that controls injury repair. The current of injury is generated at the site of a wound, and continues until repair is complete. One function of the current is to alert the rest of the body to the location and extent of an injury. Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis: The Body Electric – Part 2

Human Body energy field


Tissue and Cell Frequencies

As per my last post all the connective tissues along with every other cell in the body have unique frequencies in order to identify one cell or tissue (i.e. skin, bone, nerve, tendon) from another. This is no different from ringing a friend on their mobile telephone and only speaking to that person rather than being connected simultaneously with millions of users connected to the vast network. Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis: The Body Electric – Part 1

Human Body energy fieldConnective pathways and communication

Complete health corresponds to total interconnection with clear free-flow of communication along the connective network of pathways which synergies the body’s biological system. However, accumulated physical and/or emotional trauma impair these connections. When this happens, the body’s defence and repair systems become impaired and disease has a chance to take hold.

  (Oschman & Oschman 1995).


For the connective pathways to have free-flow of information we need to first consider the circuitry of the human body and how it communicates.  Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis: Energy, Earth and The Human Body – Part 3

The Human Electromagnetic Fields

Physics has shown that any flowing electrical current produces a magnetic field in the space around it. Similarly, that a changing, pulsing, or moving magnetic field can produce an electrical current flow in an electrical conductor placed within the field.

These are known as electromagnetic fields that have energy and can carry information within the body and extend outside of the body (commonly known as an aura, energy body, enrgy rings or etheric field). Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue 4

What is chronic fatigue


How was the experiment? What did you feel?

What we are talking about is electromagnetism i.e. the vibration or frequency that every electrical device outputs. So what has this got to do with chronic fatigue?

In fact a lot. But give me a minute to explain some basics.

Every electrical device has a different output depending on its fixed frequency so it will give off the same vibration each time you touch it. However there are variable frequency devices like that of the Tens Machine that some women use through labour. With this device you can change the frequency and the person using the device will feel the difference as you adjust it along its range. Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue 3

What is chronic fatigue[…continued]

Experiment! What we first of all need to do is determine what chronic fatigue is. We know it is not an illness so what is it? For those of you whom are experiencing such symptoms I need you to sit back for a moment and feel your body. Not with your hands but instead I want you to try and describe the sensations in your body. What we are talking about are the human body frequencies. Continue reading

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