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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 1

What is Hypersensitivity
Are you hypersensitive to your energy?
Well the good news is hyper-sensitivity is not a disease, nor an illness. It is a measurement on your body’s sensitivity scale that is in the category of undesirable reactions in your body and mind. Your current sensitivity is based on how your body is currently wired i.e. life experiences to date, in combination with your current reaction to external stimuli. Continue reading
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My energy never stands still! – Part 4

In the last post we summarized that your body’s frequency is affected by and can affect other people’s frequency and similarly that man-made devices can affect it too.

We now need to consider another influence and that is of The Earth’s Geomagnetic Field.  Continue reading

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Win a ticket to the ‘Group Energy Experiment’

Free Group Energy SessionHere is your opportunity to join energy expert Michael Cohen for a Free Group Energy Experiment on Skype Video Chat and experience feeling your own and other peoples energy.  To win a ticket I need your help with publishing a post on what it is like to be sensitive to your own energy. Continue reading

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