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Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 1

Breathing TechniqueI have decided to republish this post as I feel that importance of breathing is so understated. It is something you can do for yourself, to share with your children, family and friends. I only wish it was taught to children ins school. It is so simple yet so transformative.

So here we go… Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue 1

Chronic Fatigue

What’s in a label?

Over the years I have come across  hundreds of clients whom have experienced different forms of  chronic fatigue that have been labelled as many different illnesses. In this post we will discover whether chronic fatigue really exists, what is the meaning to all these illnesses and symptoms and discover what chronic fatigue really is. Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Energy Techniques 2

Quick Fix exercise to invigrate your energy

Following on with our Quick Fix Techniques here is a energy technique to invigorate your energy.

Technique to invigorate energy

Place your right hand over your sternum in the middle of your chest (heart chakra) and your left hand over the pubic bone (reversed if left handed). This will increase the energy that goes to your heart and boost the flow of energy around your whole body. Continue reading

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