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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 3

I said in my last post that we need to look at logic as far as hyper-sensitivities are concerned. So here we go.

Logic 1 – Current functioning: You have experienced a lifetimes worth of experiences, issues, trauma’s accidents on top of the general use, abuse, misuse, disuse of your physical body. This in turn has put stresses on the body, caused blockages on all levels, disrupted communication and reduced your body’s ability to function heal and repair in the way it should. Continue reading

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What do you want me to blog about?

what do you want me to blog about

Hi everyone,

Thanks for following my blog. I hope that the subject matters have been most thought provoking. This is your opportunity for you to make your request on a subject that is one way or another related to your energy, other peoples energy and the effects on your energy. So the subject is quite wide and open for you to post your questions, and subject titles for me to start a new post. Continue reading

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Win a ticket to the ‘Group Energy Experiment’

Free Group Energy SessionHere is your opportunity to join energy expert Michael Cohen for a Free Group Energy Experiment on Skype Video Chat and experience feeling your own and other peoples energy.  To win a ticket I need your help with publishing a post on what it is like to be sensitive to your own energy. Continue reading

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