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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 4


Happy New Year to you all. Feeling inspired or do you need to be?

Well for those of you who experience hypersensitivity I am sure you can do with some inspiration so here we go!

In Part 3 we discussed logic. Logic plays a very important part in fine tuning your hypersensitivities from being debilitating symptoms to tools that can enhance your life. Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue 4

What is chronic fatigue


How was the experiment? What did you feel?

What we are talking about is electromagnetism i.e. the vibration or frequency that every electrical device outputs. So what has this got to do with chronic fatigue?

In fact a lot. But give me a minute to explain some basics.

Every electrical device has a different output depending on its fixed frequency so it will give off the same vibration each time you touch it. However there are variable frequency devices like that of the Tens Machine that some women use through labour. With this device you can change the frequency and the person using the device will feel the difference as you adjust it along its range. Continue reading

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Chronic Fatigue 2


What is chronic fatigue

Does chronic fatigue exist?

Chronic Fatigue and all the variants of illnesses I have listed in the previous post do not exist. The symptoms do, but not the illness for the following reasons:

  1. No two symptoms are the same and neither are two patients.
  2. There are so many labels for illnesses that could incorporate an element of chronic fatigue.
  3. The underlying cause or trigger to the chronic fatigue symptom is individual from patient to patient. Continue reading
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Chronic Fatigue 1

Chronic Fatigue

What’s in a label?

Over the years I have come across  hundreds of clients whom have experienced different forms of  chronic fatigue that have been labelled as many different illnesses. In this post we will discover whether chronic fatigue really exists, what is the meaning to all these illnesses and symptoms and discover what chronic fatigue really is. Continue reading

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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 5 ‘The Science’

Hypersensitivity - Can't stand it anymore! - Part 5 The ScienceIn part 4 we talked about the breakdown in communication using various analogies. To really understand the underlying cause of hypersensitivity, we really need to look at the body’s neurological system.

The human body has a very complex mass of sensory nerves, something in the order of 10 million.  Receptors around the body relay messages via our peripheral nervous system to our central nervous system being the spinal cord and brain. Simultaneously, the body has to manage, interpret and determine action to vast quantities of messages being relayed.  Just picture your body’s central nervous system managing 10 million Facebook customers. Continue reading

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Anxiety – Why am I so wired? – Part 2

Anxiety is not an illness in the way it is often labelled. Anxiety is a way of grouping a number of symptoms together and hoping that it can be treated with anti-depressants, SSRI’s, psychotherapy or cognitive therapy. Well it is not as straightforward as that. You see this ‘one for all’ type approach is what limits people from overcoming their debilitating symptoms. Continue reading

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Anxiety – Why am I so wired? – Part 1

Anxiety for some people can be a very debilitating symptom, but what has it got to do with your energy?

Firstly, we need to look at what anxiety is. Is it an illness? Is it a symptom? Is it psychological?

Thousands of people are diagnosed with this debilitating illness every year. In fact according to the Mental Health Foundation ‘Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain…as high as 9% of people meeting criteria for diagnosis’. Wow!

What I want to do in this post is to question whether anxiety is, what they say it is, ‘an illness’ or is there something more to it. Continue reading

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