The Scientific Basis: Man-Made Products and Energies – Part 2

bioelectromagnetic energy fields

The collective affects on the Human Body

Today, we swim in a sea of man-made energies as well as a concoction of man-made products and pollution that our body has to: ingest, breathe and absorb. Our exposure and susceptibility to them is worsened as most are invisible and have no smells.

Their effect on the human body can be quantified with the heightened levels of hyper sensitivity to man-made technologies with the unprecedented high level of: illness, disease and susceptibility to injury.

What is becoming more alarming is what the collective affect over time to the wider population to the ever increasing numbers of new man-made technologies. Not only their affect on the human body but also on the Earth’s geomagnetic fields.

Research is now beginning to demonstrate that man-made electromagnetic fields can have a direct effect on the human body as well as in-directly via any change to the Earth’s natural geomagnetic field.

The human body’s electromagnetic and biological circuitry requires clear lines of communication and connective pathways for it to function in an enhanced way: effectively, efficiently and preventatively.

Just as importantly we need to consider that our body is more than just a body, it is a system ‘the human body system’. Therefore, in order for it to function effectively and efficiently it needs to be maintained like the systems we buy i.e. a computer, car or heating system.

Knowing that the human body’s electromagnetic circuitry can be influenced by external sources means that our body’s systems if not fully maintained in peak condition becomes vulnerable and susceptible to: illness, disease or injury.

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