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Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 2

chronic fatigue

Conclusion To Treatment

….When Tara first came for treatment she was depressed, weak and caught up in a loop and not knowing how she can pull herself out from it. She couldn’t even do a full-days work without going home halfway through, the Chronic Fatigue and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) symptoms were part of her daily life.  

By the time she had completed 15  Bioenergy Treatment sessions her system had found balance, clarity and energy. Continue reading

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Case History – Chronic Fatigue & M.E. Part 1

chronic fatigue

Tara* was 29 when she came for Bioenergy Treatment. In total she had 15 appointments in order to overcome her Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and M.E. symptoms. 


Most of Tara’s symptoms have been prevalent for 15 years. 6 years ago she was diagnosed with – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), tropical parasites, Coxsackie B Virus and mercury poisoning. Continue reading

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Are you ready to learn how to treat yourself and those around you? Part 3


How many times do you leave it until it gets worse and only take action  when you have no choice but to do something about it?

Consider the amount of use, abuse, misuse and disuse that you put your body and mind through in your life to date. And what about the future, particularly as you get older. Would your car or computer still run effectively if you treated them the same way that you treat your body? Of course not! Continue reading

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Scientific Report Quantifying Bioenergy Treatments – Part 5

Bioenergy Treatment Research FoundationHere is part 5 of a scientific report which helps to theorise the result on various clinical studies which quantify the effectiveness on Bioenergy Treatments and the like.

Research Paper

“Spin Doctors”:  A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing. Benford, M. S., Journal of Theoretics June/July 1999 1 (2) Continue reading

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What the client’s have to say – Self-Sabotage

Susan* was honoured that her feedback to RaphaYad Bioenergy DISTANCE Treatment would inspire other clients that she has agreed to publish her treatment feedback.

Susan’s original reason for coming for Bio Energy Treatment treatment was to to ‘Unblock the causes of her self-sabotage’ having experienced a lifetime of emotional issues and battering. Continue reading

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Are you ready to learn how to treat yourself and those around you? Part 2

Taking responsibility for looking after yourself.

That is quite a statement, considering the lack of time we have for ourselves in the city environment we live in today. But maybe we need to take a step back in time, and go back to basics. 

For me basics is about utilising the very natural and innate tools that are already inside you. One of the best ways of describing it, is that I believe that you have regions of your brain that you do not normally utilise in your 21st century city life. However, take yourself back to the more primal you on the savannah, you would have been using such instinctual and natural tools in your ancient tribal lives.  Continue reading

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Are you ready to learn how to treat yourself and those around you? Part 1

That’s great news!

There is nothing more empowering for you, than to be in a position to look after yourself, rather than being reliant on a practitioner. 

Are you are an existing or past client? Then this is also your opportunity to continue treatment and learn how to look after your own energy system…in fact look after yourself in every way possible! Continue reading

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Are blockages in your energy system affecting your life? Part 1

Blockages in your energy system could be affecting the way your body functions, repairs, heals, as well as that of your perception.

The great news is you can release your blockages!

From the moment you rise, to you placing your head back on the pillow, every action, thought and movement, will be affected by the way your body’s energy system is currently functioning. Continue reading

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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 3

I said in my last post that we need to look at logic as far as hyper-sensitivities are concerned. So here we go.

Logic 1 – Current functioning: You have experienced a lifetimes worth of experiences, issues, trauma’s accidents on top of the general use, abuse, misuse, disuse of your physical body. This in turn has put stresses on the body, caused blockages on all levels, disrupted communication and reduced your body’s ability to function heal and repair in the way it should. Continue reading

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Hypersensitivity – Can’t stand it anymore! – Part 1

What is Hypersensitivity
Are you hypersensitive to your energy?
Well the good news is hyper-sensitivity is not a disease, nor an illness. It is a measurement on your body’s sensitivity scale that is in the category of undesirable reactions in your body and mind. Your current sensitivity is based on how your body is currently wired i.e. life experiences to date, in combination with your current reaction to external stimuli. Continue reading
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