Founder & Bioenergy Expert Michael Cohen Reveals All! Part 2

Michael Cohen

As I was saying in my last post hypersensitivities had a major effect on my life. Firstly I should note that I did not know I was hyper-sensitive let alone know what it is. I just had symptoms that just made life so miserable.  It all started when I was about 15-years-old,  when I used to experience excruciating pain in my stomach. Enough to make me clench and roll into a ball unable to control or escape from it. This was the start of 17 years of hell, not only for me, but my family to be in later years.

Having regular episodes I was in and out of hospitals and Gastroenterologist’s offices. I just remember them saying to my parents its just constipation, nothing to worry about. Just take some decongestants and he will be OK.  Episode after episode I was becoming used to being belittled and called a hypochondriac which was a label that stayed with me for years thereafter.

Even if the doctors were right about it being constipation it wasn’t natural to be experiencing this hair-wrenching level of pain. But no-one picked up on this. I had various invasive, unpleasant let alone humiliating exploratory tests where they would stick cameras down my throat [Endoscopy] or up my rear end [Colonoscopy].

Results indicated inflammation in various areas of by stomach and intestines. But they offered no solution, remedy or answer to what would in time lead to even harsher symptoms and increase my overall hypersensitivity to chemicals, noise, pollution, materials, electrical cables and devices, people, buildings and 16  food intolerances….[to be continued]

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