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Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 3

ElectrosensitivityChildren! teenagers! They want to be literally wired to every form of technology 24/7 . I have 2 older teens and a 13 year old who seems to have come of age. So what can you do to protect children for becoming electrosensitive or just being wired and hyperactive?

Well whilst they are under your roof to a certain degree you have a bit of ammunition. But they do try to wear you down. Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 2

electrosenstivityBeing electrosensitive can affect you in your work place. However depending whether you are the boss or just a member of staff may determine what you can do about it. Similarly depending on whether you work in a large open-plan office or a small private office will make a difference.

So here we go!First thing first lets look at logic. Continue reading

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Quick Fix Tips – Electrosensitivity 1

electrosensitivityElectrosensitivity is not permanent. These tips are not solutions in their own right however they will reduce your exposure to electric and electromagnetic and radio-wave devices in your work environment.

Now everyone’s work environment is different, particularly if you work in large open plan office.  Therefore the action you can take is variable. Continue reading

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Is your WiFi making you ill?

Is your WiFi making you ill

In the world we live in, there is no escaping technology – it surrounds most of us for the majority of our waking day – during work, in our homes, on public transport, even in your local coffee shop you are likely to find WiFi whizzing invisibly round your head. Continue reading

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