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This blog is here to share our wealth of knowledge as experts in the field of human energy. Through our  research we begin to understand how our energy affects and is affected by others as well as other man-made devices and organic connections that cause and has an affect. You will see that our approach is from a Biophysics perspective integrated with logic. This enables us to put forward a revealing and theoretical perspective in respect to our energy system as we begin to unravel how the human cell forms part of a network of communications within and around the body.

We hope you will use this blog as a platform to interact with other like minded people whom are sensitive to their energy and for those whom want to understand more about it. So please do interact with us by posting your comments and questions.

Best wishes.

Michael & Joanne Cohen

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen The hypersensitivity Expert “I overcame 20 years of debilitating hyper-sensitivities and only then realised it was due to my sensitivity to my energy”.

Michael was born in 1967 in NW London, where he lives with my wife Joanne along with his three children.  He is the founder of the Bioenergy Treatment Research Foundation and Clinic in London (see details below). His current studies include – metaphysics, quantum physics, BSc (Hons) Degree in Sport Science.

Like many of his clients, Michael comes from a background where hyper sensitivities turned his life upside down. They effected him on an emotional, psychological and physical level for 16 years.  These included sensitivity/intolerances to a wide range of foods, chemical, environmental and electro pollution.

Additionally for 20 years, he suffered from debilitating spinal problems – 3 degenerate discs, scoliosis, Sherman’s Disease, sciatica,  spasms, hyper mobility and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Using  RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment, he overcame all his food intolerances and hyper sensitivities. This enabled him to adapt (without compromise) to the environment around him.  He also found that his sensitivities now enhance his life rather than restrict it as it has previously.

In respect to his spinal problems, RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment has enabled Michael to make a full recovery  that has enabled him to excel on a physical level beyond any previous limitation and boundary. He is now an XT Triathlete (off-road triathlon).

Joanne Cohen

Joanne Cohen The Hypersensitivity ExpertWhen Joanne was in her mid 20’s she began to experience signs of anxiety which led to full blown panic attacks – experiencing lack of control, feeling overwhelmed and out of my depth. “When I reflect back this was my first sign of being hypersensitive to the environment and people around me”.

The symptoms got so bad that she couldn’t continue to function, to the point of being unable to work, to socialise in groups at parties or restaurants, or travel on the underground. She was scared to leave the house for fear of getting stuck out somewhere whilst having a panic attack, which would have paralysing results.

Although at the time Joanne thought that her symptoms were just to do with her emotional and psychological state however in retrospect she began to realise that her mind and body’s reaction were based on how it is currently wired. This understand came about when she was able to shift forward with the non-cognitive technique that was able to tackle her issues on a deeper level when she started to work with RaphaYad Bioenergy techniques a few years later after the birth of our son.

About our Work

RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Treatment logoMichael & Joanne are the co-founders of the  RaphaYad™ Bioenergy Treatment and The Bioenergy Treatment Research Foundation. Michael is an expert and leading authority in the field of Bioenergy Treatment.

RaphaYad™ Bioenergy Treatment is the pioneering yet well-established specialist technique. Joanne  and Michael have 15 years combined experience running the London Clinic.

Having undertaken over 9000 hours of clinic work they had deduced that the underlying root cause of many symptoms, injuries and illnesses is dependant on how your body’s bio-electromagnetic [energy] circuitry system is currently functioning and this has an affect on the hypersensitivity of your body and mind.

Furthermore they reason that there is nothing permanent about your symptoms, what you think, know or do. Your body’s ability to repair, heal and function is just determined by how your body is currently wired. This affects your body’s hypersensitivity to the environment that you live and work in; and why it manifests as physical, mind, energetic and physiological symptoms.

For full details visit www.bioenergytreatment.co.uk

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