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The Scientific Basis: Energy, Earth and The Human Body – Part 1

The Old and the New

In preliterate times, our ancestors lived in a world full of mysterious forces that governed their lives from: planetary cycles to storms; ‘life forces’ to unseen spirit worlds; witch doctors to the hands of the healer. 

In the last 100 years modern science has been able to quantify these strange and invisible forces. These discoveries provide scientific evidence that can explain how two or more persons can sense or feel a connection or influence and affect the other. Similarly it can quantify an individual’s connection with the Earth or another living organism. Continue reading

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My energy never stands still! – Part 4

In the last post we summarized that your body’s frequency is affected by and can affect other people’s frequency and similarly that man-made devices can affect it too.

We now need to consider another influence and that is of The Earth’s Geomagnetic Field.  Continue reading

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My energy never stands still! – Part 1

As I said in Part 3 of  ‘What is your energy’ I am going to move onto the subject of what causes the’ change in note’ or to be more precise ‘what changes your frequency’. As we discovered from the previous post the human body’s individual cell frequencies when combined together gives you a whole body frequency.  So out of the ‘treacle‘ we shall endeavour to find some clarity. Here we go! Continue reading

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