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Chronic Fatigue 3

What is chronic fatigue[…continued]

Experiment! What we first of all need to do is determine what chronic fatigue is. We know it is not an illness so what is it? For those of you whom are experiencing such symptoms I need you to sit back for a moment and feel your body. Not with your hands but instead I want you to try and describe the sensations in your body. What we are talking about are the human body frequencies. Continue reading

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What makes your Energy buzz? – Part 3

what is your energySo what is the significance of cell-to-cell communication and you feeling like ‘treacle’? I suppose what I am saying is that if you consider your whole body as this network where every cell communicates with its neighbour, then all the frequencies from each of the cells when combined together produce an overall frequency. Thereby at that moment in time that frequency is what you describe as ‘treacle’. Continue reading

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My energy never stands still! – Part 3

In the last post we talked about your energy interactions with other peoples energy using the analogy of ink droppers and blotting paper. Now we need to move onto the subject of man-made devices and how they can affect a person’s energy. So as we discovered in my post ‘What is your energy?‘ your body is made of frequencies. The human body functions within a range of frequencies on the EM spectrum alongside other frequencies including those of electrical devices. Continue reading

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My energy never stands still! – Part 1

As I said in Part 3 of  ‘What is your energy’ I am going to move onto the subject of what causes the’ change in note’ or to be more precise ‘what changes your frequency’. As we discovered from the previous post the human body’s individual cell frequencies when combined together gives you a whole body frequency.  So out of the ‘treacle‘ we shall endeavour to find some clarity. Here we go! Continue reading

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