Distance Bioenergy Treatment sounds weird. Can it really work? Part 5

Bioenergy Distance TreatmentIn my last post we talked about the ‘Blotting Paper’ Theory.

The significance of this was to help explain how we connect with each everyone around us. More specifically, in a clinic/treatment environment. As a practitioner, I know your precise frequency and the moment our energies interact on a treatment level it causes an effect.

I know that this may sound really weird but it is no less than how your mobile phones connect without cables and without you knowing what part of the world the other phone is in. Let alone sending images, texts and videos. Surely if you are able to accept man-made telecommunication, then there is no reason to question natural biological communication.

I am sure some of you may be asking how do you know if it is really or just a figment of your imagination? Well, as I have always said the proof is in the pudding, or should I say results.

One thing that helps with the tangibility aspect form a clients point of view is that most, clients actually feel something going on during the session, whereas other feel it after. It tends to be variable from client to client.

That is the beauty about working on an energy level, it is very experiential. As a practitioner, I am never suggestive to the client as to what you should be feeling. Not wanting to plant ideas, enables you the client to experience the treatment session with fewer preconceptions.

Here is a feedback from one of my clients to help you understand what a treatment session is like for her.

“Being worked on distantly by Michael is like being in the same room with him. I am able to tell him what I am feeling, either tingling, pressure, ache, or just a sensation and he confirms that is the exact area he is working.   

I am able to sit comfortably in my own home and enjoy the sessions and then relax afterwards without the hassle of a journey home.   

Thanks Michael.”  


I will end this post to determine for yourself, as to how much you wish to open your mind to the possible scope of doing Distance Bioenergy Treatment, if you cannot make it to the clinic. If you are still not 100% why not just book an exploratory session, and test it for yourself.

Looking forward to working with you.

For full details on Distance Bio Energy Treatment click here.

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