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Can I really re-wire my Brain? – Part 2

Can I rewire my brainIn part 1 we ended the post by saying ‘that possibly the brain can be rewired’. In this post we will look at whether there is anything permanent about what we think, know or do.

Everything that we think, debate, giggle and argue about is a matter of how information is stored in our brain, and ultimately how we perceive it. Which immediately brings us back to how our brain is currently wired. Continue reading

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Can I really re-wire my Brain? – Part 1

re-wire your brainThis is the big question ‘Can I really re-wire my brain?

In many of my other posts I have asked this question, so now is the time to discus the subject of rewiring the brain.

Here we go…

Have you experienced being in a certain mind set,  persona, or a way of being for a period of time? Do you recall what it was like before it kicked in? Well for some of you, it was along time ago, and for others it has been far less. But there was life before. Right! On that basis, we can say there is nothing permanent about where you are, what you think, or what you know; it is just how your brain is currently wired. Continue reading

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