Case History – Child Depression and Dysgraphia Part 2

…continued. Here is part 2 we are inspired how William* overcome childhood depression. William was 11 years old when he started Bio Energy Treatment and undertook 16 sessions over 6 months.

Summary of Bio-Energy Treatment

Most of the treatment was to the cranium, with a particular emphasis to the right temporal. Due to the age of the client it was important to keep William occupied during treatment session by him bringing in things he was interested in so that we could develop a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We also incorporated some techniques of martial arts, which he took really well to. When reflecting back on William at his first appointment, he looked very quiet and subdued and as his mum said ‘solemn’. He would walk with his head down and appeared lifeless. Very swiftly we built up a relationship and a level of communication that was productive towards treatment. At no point did William have to discuss family issues, school life or any other issues.

Result from Treatment

All his shifts and improvements were continuous and seemed to happen at a pace that his body’s system could cope with. Therefore, there were no major dips or steps backward. Improvements were continuous, consistent and sustained. 

Post treatment, when I visited his home having not seen him for 2 months it was like meeting a new person, communicative, expressive and most importantly he was alive with energy and vibrancy.

When William came for treatment his mother was not looking for the miracle cure, just hopeful that he would gain just some improvements to make home and school life more enjoyable. William’s mother had no idea that 7 months down the line that William would have moved forward so far that he would be awarded a scholarship to attend a public school in the Autumn.

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*The case notes have had the clients names replaced in order to protect their privacy. Should you wish any case history to be verified please contact the administration office.

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