What the client’s have to say – Self-Sabotage

Susan* was honoured that her feedback to RaphaYad Bioenergy DISTANCE Treatment would inspire other clients that she has agreed to publish her treatment feedback.

Susan’s original reason for coming for Bio Energy Treatment treatment was to to ‘Unblock the causes of her self-sabotage’ having experienced a lifetime of emotional issues and battering.


1st.Session. 10.8.12

Felt a huge amount of energy in my body, in particular head, arms. and legs. Yawning for England. Arms waving, but in a horizontal position. Much movement of the limbs, coming in waves. At end of session felt tired. In subsequent days, by the time evening came, I became extremely tired, falling asleep and needing to go to bed early. This passed and energy returned.

2nd Session – 14.8.12

This became a really lovely time, towards the end of the session I became extremely relaxed. For the first time in my life I  now know what being relaxed really means.

There was a lot going on in the medulla, I seemed more aligned, (not that I felt I was un-aligned), standing straighter, limbs moving more freely. Was light-headed for a while, but felt wonderfully soft, and not wanting to do much.  Felt ‘all chocolately’.

In the  following  days, the euphoric state subsided. In the early hours of the 16th I woke with a strange feeling in upper chest, a tightness which moved around. Unsure what to do, but fell asleep and woke up feeling fine. Eyes felt tight. Still drinking water. Which for me is ‘good’

3rd. Session 21.8.12

During the session a few tears, yawning, pressure on tops of shoulders, coolness in knees feel tingly, cold and heavy. Sensations in the medulla. Pressure on upper arms. Physical movement of shoulders and upper body and right arm.

Following days – coffee losing its appeal. Alcohol consumption much reduced to a couple of drinks a week. Feelings span from being wide awake and  strong to lethargy and being miserable.

Oedema (since childhood) reduced, appetite much more balanced, and the need for some raw food beginning to creep in.
The need for sweet things has lessened, but  I still love small quantities of good chocolate. Body is ‘slimmer’, and beginning to feel good.

Stopped eating bread, which I have done before. BUT this time its exclusion does not feel as though I am denying myself, which when the body responded as it is now, I would have had that piece of toast(reward) and then the slippery road to eating too much came to the fore.

Am much more aware of my body, and  I think I am learning to respond to it.

4th Session 28.8.12

During the session I felt wide awake and my mind was wandering. Nothing much to report about this hour. Still feel really good. Still drinking water!!! by choice, not by instruction.

Arthritic knees still playing up.

Lots of positive things happening, gently, naturally and holistically, without the internal and external stress of setting one aspect of the self against another, or indeed jumping though other people’s hoops. Thank you sooooooooooo much.



UPDATE 11.9.12
Susan reported during her session today, that all her positive shifts are still holding and that she is not slipping back into previous ways. Moods up and down, but the good new is more ups! The arthritis in knees still there.
*This testimonial has had the clients names replaced in order to protect her privacy. Should you wish verification then please contact the Bio-energy Treatment Clinic administration office.
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