Quick Fix Tips – Breathing Techniques Part 7

Breathing Technique

Now we move onto Therapeutic Breathing

For some of you this concept may sound a bit weird i.e. breathing into different parts of the body. It is all about a level of intent and when you target an area it is that area that you can increase the blood flow to which in turn brings with it revitalised oxygenated blood. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

If you haven’t read the previous posts it is really important that you do before you read this post so click on this link.

Therapeutic breathing is where you can direct the breath into a particular part of the body, where you may have an injury, illness or ailment. Just as importantly you can use it to stimulate or cleanse an organ or part of the body that is weak or under-active.

Breathing Exercises is a healing process in its own right as used by some practitioners. It can be quite transforming and invigorating on one level. Yet on another level it can be calming or relaxing.

By taking the breath into a specific region of the body can:

  • Stimulate it
  • Send signals to your brain to (re-) activate the healing mechanism to this area
  • Open up the connective pathways
  • Increase the saturation of oxygen to the blocked points
  • Increase circulation
  • Release pain
  • Reduce emotional and psychological trauma
  • Calm stress and anxiety

Therapeutic Breathing utilities the techniques used in Level 3 Square breathing. However instead of directing the breath into your abdominal area you direct it into the particular part of the body.

  1. Read Technique Notes. Click here.
  2. Decide on the region or part of the body that you are going to breathe into. For a moment take your mind and eyes to that region. Then sense the direct route it will take to go from your nose to the target location and then back out through the nose.
  3. Keep your mouth closed, take an extended BREATHE IN along the route, filling every cell along the route to the target location. The route can fill thick like squeezing toothpaste or it may flow as easy as oil.
  4. Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.
  5. Slowly BREATHE OUT from the target area, feeling each cell empty out through the nose.
  6. Hold the breathe for the same length as the in-breathe.
  7. Continue with steps 2 to 6. There should not be a strain and similarly you shouldn’t find yourself catching your breath. If this happens shorten the length of the sides of the square otherwise go back to level 3 to practice the square breathing technique. As you become more proficient with the technique you can extend the length of the holds as you did in Level 4 Rectangular Breathing.

That is it for this  series of Quick Fix Tips for Breathing. I hope you have found it to be most beneficial. I know how much it has changed my life and similarly seen the positive effects to our clients at The RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment Clinic. Breathing exercises are great for anxiety, panic attacks, depression and  hypersensitivities.

Click on this link to go to the full details of the breathing techniques.

Let me know your comments and feedback.

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